This version of Windows has stopped receiving support after 27 years

The manufacturing company provides several years of support for Windows and all other operating systems with each version. This support takes the form of various updates and patches that gradually improve the security and functionality of the system; in fact, these patches often fix bugs or security flaws that could be used by cybercriminals to compromise the systems on which the OS is installed.

Well, 27 years ago on November 16th, Microsoft published Windows CE, an operating system intended for portable devices. These devices, however, do not fit the current definition, which would imply a smartphone; instead, we are referring to outdated PDAs, Pocket PCs, and PDAs.

Microsoft Windows CE End of Support

Microsoft decided to end support for this operating system on October 10th, 2018, nearly 27 years after it was first released. The project had long supported a wide range of devices, from ATMs to netbooks, achieving a life cycle that few, if any, can match.

Because the Windows CE Kernel has been utilised for so many devices, including Windows Phone 7 and other more sophisticated devices, this marks the end of a wonderful chapter in the history of Windows.

Microsoft has now chosen to discontinue support for Windows CE, which was the company’s all-arounder for many years. This decision was likely made because it was time to move forward and consider the future, concentrating on other systems that were noticeably more sophisticated.