The Intel Arc graphics card has received bad reviews and has been reported to be unable to run “Starry Sky.”

The eagerly awaited masterpiece “Starry Sky” has entered the early-experience stage for the deluxe edition, advanced edition, and collection edition. Some N card and A card players have already begun to play, however those who are using Intel Arc (Ruixuan) Graphics cards are not pleased. Numerous issues are plaguing them, including outages, loading issues, crashes, freezes, and even aberrant visual quality.

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Nvidia and AMD both released drivers designed for “Starry Sky” before this. The Arc graphics card has received poor evaluations from players despite having decent hardware performance because the driver wasn’t pre-adapted.

In this regard, Intel acknowledged the aforementioned issues via the X platform (formerly known as Twitter) and pledged to address them in time for the game’s scheduled release on September 6.

Intel Arc Graphics Users Face Challenges with “Starry Sky” Early Experience

Additionally, Intel intends to introduce the “Battlemage” Arc GPU of the following generation next summer. The information that Intel’s next-generation GPU will double the amount of Xe cores to 64 was first reported by reputable source RedGamingTech.