MSI Z790 MAX Motherboard released to fit with Intel’s 14th Gen Core

MSI Z790 MAX Motherboard 2023: In addition to MSI Technology’s latest generation of motherboard products (the MSI Z790 MAX), Intel has officially introduced its 14th generation core CPU. MEG, MPG, MAG, and PRO series are further divisions of the next generation of motherboard components.

The 14th generation Intel Core CPU is reportedly constructed using Intel’s “Intel 7” hybrid architecture process technology; nevertheless, the fastest performing i9-14900K processor on the 14th generation Intel Core processor can achieve 6GHz because of Intel’s TVB technology.

With the inclusion of 4 e-Cores, this CPU upgrade also targets the Intel Core i7-14700K, which will help boost L3 cache for all processors and certain multi-threaded applications. The Intel Core i9-14900K, i9-14900KF, i7-14700K, i7-14700KF, i5-14600K, and i5-14600KF are the six variants available at launch.

The MSI Z790 MAX series is a new motherboard line from MSI that supports Intel Core 14th generation processors and adds Wi-Fi 7.

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With theoretical speeds up to 5.8 Gbps and bandwidth increasing from 160 MHz to 320 MHz, Wi-Fi 7 is twice as fast as Wi-Fi 6E. This means that devices equipped with Wi-Fi 7 will be able to send and receive data simultaneously on several wireless channels without experiencing any bottlenecks.

QAM (Quadrature Amplitude Modulation) is increased from 1024-QAM to 4096-QAM in Wi-Fi 7 in order to help boost peak transmission rates and network capacity. With the highest Wi-Fi 7 standard included on all MSI Z790 MAX series motherboards, users will be able to connect wirelessly without sacrificing any performance.