Intel Core i9-14900K has shown up on Geekbench, It is about 6% better than Intel i9-13900K

Intel Core i9-14900K: Intel is coming out with some new computer chips called Raptor Lake Refresh processor. Right now, they are being tested and will be ready to buy in a few weeks.

The brand-new Core i9-14900K processor, which is like the top boss of computer chips, just got tested in the Geekbench 6.1.0 test. It did really well! When it comes to doing one thing at a time, it scored 3140, which is 6% better than its older sibling, the Intel i9-13900K. But when it has to juggle lots of tasks at once, it’s not the absolute best, but it still does pretty darn good. So, if you want a speedy computer for one big job, this new Core i9-14900K is a good choice!

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As we’ve learned before, the Intel i9-14900K processor is quite impressive. It has 8 really powerful P cores and 16 efficient E cores. What’s really cool is that it’s one of the fastest Intel processors ever, thanks to its Thermal Velocity Boost tech. It’s only the second one to go beyond 6 GHz in speed! Now, when we look at some leaked test results called CrossMark, we see that the i9-14900K is about 14% better than the i7-14700K. This means the i9 is a real champ when it comes to performance!

Recently, some important news came out from a well-known source called @momomo_us. They say that the prices of the new Intel i9-14900K, Intel i7-14700K, and Intel i5-14600K processors are going up by about 15%. So, if you were thinking of getting the i9-14900K, it might cost you around $695, which is approximately 5053 yuan. It’s a pretty big price increase, and we’re not sure if people will be okay with it.