Cinebench 2024 is now available: evaluate your CPU’s efficiency without cost

In case you weren’t aware, Cinebench has consistently been one of the most popular programmes for evaluating processor performance. This tool, created by Maxon, has been around for a long time and has gone through numerous versions. Cinebench 2024, however, has just been released to update this well-known benchmark to modern technologies. Oh, and it’s still free, so we’ll tell you how to get it if you want to check the performance of your PC.

Even using programmes that award arbitrary scores, like Cinebench, measuring the processor’s performance is always a very helpful way to determine its power, or at the very least, how powerful it is in relation to other CPU types. We are able to compare because an arbitrary score rather than an empirical one is given, but that is just what we need to know to determine whether one processor is superior to another, isn’t it?

What’s new in Cinebench 2024?

As a demonstration of cutting-edge rendering that incorporates the Redshift engine, which was previously available only in Cinema 4D, Cinebench 2024 is being introduced. This new iteration works with consistent rendering techniques across platforms for both CPU and GPU, in contrast to prior iterations. Therefore, this version once more includes a benchmark to also evaluate the graphics card’s performance.

In addition to what we have already said, one innovation that sets this version of Cinebench 2024 apart from earlier iterations is that the CPU and GPU tests are no longer conducted independently but rather within the same scene rendering. This is fantastic since it allows us to quickly assess the PC’s overall performance without having to look at its processor and graphics card separately.

Similar to this, the interface has undergone a complete makeover to become more straightforward and intuitive, with a focus on a more logical and aesthetically pleasing user experience.

Download now for free

Like its previous iterations, Cinebench 2024 is absolutely free, as we’ve already stated. This indicates that you can download it without any issues in order to give it a try.

Simply go to the Maxon website and choose Windows, Mac, or ARM (Windows) as the version you want to download. A about 1.3 GB ZIP file will be downloaded, which you must unzip in a location on your computer before you can run the benchmark without first installing anything.