AMD’s FSR 3 frame generation technology works fine at 60 FPS or higher

AMD’s most recent FSR 3 technology, which includes frame generation technology that may significantly improve the number of game frames, has now revealed that it would begin to be released this autumn. The frame generation technology of FSR 3 supports AMD and Nvidia graphics cards as well as gaming consoles and does not require specialised machine learning gear. For a better experience, AMD advises turning on this function on graphics cards from the RX 6000 or RTX 30 series and later.

AMD recommends making sure the game is running at 60+ FPS before enabling FSR 3 frame generation to reduce lag issues introduced by the technology .

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AMD added AMD Radeon Anti-Lag+ technology to the Ryzen 7000 graphics card in September, which may be activated in the updated driver as a solution to the frame generation delay. When turned on, lowers latency even more for compatible games. When playing FSR 3 games, gamers with AMD Radeon RX 6000 series or older graphics cards can turn on the Anti-Lag feature for all games.

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It has previously reported that AMD has declared “Legend of the Immortals” and “Forspoken” to be released this autumn in addition to the debut of FSR 3. Additionally, AMD revealed 10 other games, including Black Myth Wukong and Cyberpunk 2077, that will support FSR 3 in the future.