Intel Core i7 6700HQ

Intel Core i7 6700HQ

Brand: Intel
Category: Processor
  • Cores: 4 Cores
  • Threads: 8 Threads
  • Frequency: 2.6GHz - 3.5GHz
  • L3 cache: 6MB
  • TDP:

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In Sep 2015, Intel released the Core i7 6700HQ desktop processor. It is a Core i7 model and has a Skylake processor and BGA-1440 socket. Intel Hyper-Threading basically doubles the number of cores to 8 threads2.6 GHz is the base frequency of the Intel Core i7 6700HQ although it may be increased to 3.5 GHz depending on the workload. It features 6 MB of L3 cache. With an undisclosed number of transistors, Intel is producing the Core i7 6500U on the 14nm fabrication process. On the Intel Core i7 6700HQ, the unlock multiplier can be freely adjusted, making it more easier to overclock since any desired overclocking frequency can be selected with ease.

Intel Core i7 6700HQ Specifications and Benchmark Details

To know complete specifications and features of Intel Core i7 6500U processor like Number of cores, number of threads, base frequency, L2 & L3 cache, Memory, and other integrated graphic details. The processor utilizes a motherboard with a socket designated BGA-1440 socket and is capable of handling 8 threads at once.


Release Date Sep 2015
Market Laptop
Manufacturer Intel
Generation 6th Generation
Code Name Skylake
Integrated Graphics HD Graphics 530


Fabrication Process 14 nm
Socket BGA-1440
Power Consumption 45 W
Peak temperature 100 °C
Die Size -

CPU Performance

Performance Cores 4
Performance Core Threads 8
Base Frequency (P) 2.6 GHz
Turbo Boost Frequency (P) 3.5 GHz
Efficiency Cores -
Efficiency Core Threads -
Efficiency Core Base Frequency -
Efficiency Core Turbo Frequency -
Total Cores 4
Total Threads 8
Bus Frequency -
Multiplier 26x
L1 Cache 128K per core
L2 Cache 256K per core
L3 Cache 6MB shared
Unlocked Multiplier No

Graphic Card

Integrated Graphics HD Graphics 530
GPU Base Frequency -
GPU Max Dynamic Frequency 1050 MHz
Shading Units -
Texture Units -
Raster Operation Units -
Execution Units -
Power Consumption -

Memory Support

Memory Type DDR4-2133
Max Memory Size 64GB
Max. Memory Channels 2
Max. Memory Bandwidth 34.1 GB/s
ECC Support No

Advanced Features


PCIe Version 3.0
PCIe Lanes 16
Official Website


Cinebench R23 Single-Core 908
Cinebench R23 (Multi-Core) 4239
Geekbench 6 Single Core 1044
Geekbench 6 Multi Core 3554
Geekbench 5 Single Core 802
Geekbench 5 Multi Core 3266
Passmark CPU (Single-Core) 1903
Passmark CPU (Multi-Core) 6474


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