The central component of any PC is the processor, commonly known as the CPU (Central Processing Unit). Selecting the appropriate Processor is essential whether building a workstation, gaming PC, or office calculator. The speed at which a computer operates is primarily determined by the capability of its integrated CPU. A wide range of CPUs from AMD & Intel are available at for any kind of application.A number of features are especially crucial when selecting the correct processor. It matters how many CPU cores there are. There are several physical processor cores in modern CPUs. Terms like "quad-core" or "octa-core" (four or eight cores) are frequently used to describe the quantity of these cores. Even more parallel computations can be carried out by the CPU by splitting these physical cores into logical processing cores, or threads.The clock speed is a piece of information that is often used. This is the maximum number of cycles a CPU core can complete in a second and is typically expressed in GHz. An entry-level CPU like the Intel Core i3, which has only 4 cores and a lower clock frequency, cannot execute nearly as many calculations per second as an Intel Core i9 processor, which has 16 (8+8) cores and a high performance clock rate of up to 5.20 GHz (5.2 billion cycles/sec.). The actual performance of the CPU is based on a number of other parameters, including the type and speed of the memory, and is not only determined by the clock speed.
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